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Can air shocks be used to replace a damaged rear air spring/air bag suspension?

No, an air shock cannot replace a rear air spring/air bag suspension. Here’s why:

  • An air spring is the primary structural component supporting the rear
    of the vehicle and setting the permanent ride of the vehicle. The air
    spring and its connected components set the ride height of the vehicle
    and are designed and sized for the size and weight of the vehicle in
    which they are placed.
  • An air shock satisfies a different purpose altogether. It is a secondary
    assist to maintain ride height in temporary situations. It is designed to
    help level the vehicle during a temporarily overloaded state, such as
    traveling where all family members are riding in the car and the trunk
    is loaded with weighty luggage vs. one driver and no luggage the rest
    of the time.
    • Never install an air shock in a car that has air spring/airbag structural

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