34057 Front Load Carrier
Detailed Specifications

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34057 Front Load Carrier


Product Line:Front Load Carrier
Shock Extended Length: 15.01 in. 381.23 mm.
Shock Collapsed Length: 10.14 in. 257.43 mm.
Length of Stroke: 4.87 in 123.7 mm.
Accessory Kits:140780
Upper Mount Code:S12
Lower Mount Code:ES41
Weight 8 lbs. 3.63 kg.
Dust Tube Material n/a
Package Contents 2 Shocks, 4 Bushings, 2 Nuts, 4 Retainers

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Product Description

The Front & Rear Spring Assist (Load Carrier) by Gabriel® is the perfect combination of shock and spring technology. The constant-rate front coil springs improve stability and restore ride height, while the variable-rate rear coil springs provide 500 lbs. per pair of extra load capacity. View more information about this product.

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Where Used

Loc. Max # Year Make Model Vehicle Attributes Application Notes
F 2 80-96 Ford Bronco 8 Rearward of Front Axle Exc. Lift Kit
F 2 89 Ford Bronco II 8 Mfg. to 2/89; Vehicles with 10mm & 12mm bolt in rear lower mount
F 2 84-88 Ford Bronco II 8 With 10mm Bolt In Rear Lower Mount
F 2 80-83 Ford F-100 RWD 8
F 2 80-96 Ford F-150 4WD 8 Rearward of Front Axle Exc. Lift Kit
F 2 80-96 Ford F-150 RWD 8
F 2 83-86 Ford Ranger 8
F 2 87-89 Ford Ranger 8 Exc. High Ryder Option


8. Pair Packs.

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