Heavy Duty FAQ

What do shocks do?

Shocks play an integral role in your vehicle’s suspension system. They are designed to give you a much smoother ride by absorbing and damping feedback from the road. Keep in mind, HD shocks do much more than just provide a smooth ride.

  • Damps Motion
    • Helps absorb road impacts and reduces transmission of energy caused by pot holes and speed bumps
  • Safety
    • Reduced stopping distance through control of weight transfer and better handling
  • Protects Expensive Truck Components
    • Keeping tires from uncontrolled bouncing helps prevent cupping and pre-mature wear
    • Protects air springs and taper leaf springs from over-extension or metal fatigue
    • Protects vibration-sensitive components such as lights, refrigeration units, and electronics
  • Better Driver Comfort
    • Smoother ride and better handling provide less driver fatigue

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