Heavy Duty FAQ

When should I replace my shocks?

Replacement schedules vary as the rate of wear depends on the types of operating environments the vehicle experiences. Every fleet’s application is different due to differences in roads, cargo, climate, types of suspension and driver. Generally, Gabriel® recommends replacing your shocks used on on-highway vehicles with air-ride or taper-leaf suspensions around 150,000 miles, or 100,000 miles for vocational applications to ensure a safer and more comfortable ride in most vehicles. Actual mileage intervals may also vary based on vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. However, shocks should be replaced for a number of reasons:

  • To improve or upgrade performance or restore original performance
  • If the vehicle suffers from excessive lean, sway or bouncing, nose-diving when braking, uneven tire wear, etc.
  • If the housing becomes damaged or dented, this may cause leaks that will affect the shock’s performance
  • Please refer to Gabriel HD Technical Bulletin: When to Replace HD Shocks for more information.

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