Specific FAQs

FAQs about rebuilding struts.

  • Is my strut rebuildable?

    Some struts are rebuildable and some are not. Many OE struts are rebuildable. Here are a few ways to determine if they are:

    • If the strut has a cutline groove stamped into the top of the strut body (painted area) and wording stamped that says “cut here.” Be sure not to cut any strut open unless it specifically has “cut here” stamped into the strut body.
    • Others may have a hex-shaped locking ring on the top of the strut body (painted area). Another way to tell if they are rebuildable is if there are threads visible on the outside top of the strut body (painted area).
  • What kind of oil should I use in the housing?

    We recommend using transmission fluid in the housing because the fluid’s color is red. This distinguishes it from the oil in the cartridge – which is not – and if there happens to be any fluid overflow, a determination can be easily made as to which fluid it is.

  • It says to fill the housing with 30 cc. How much fluid is this and how much should I put into the housing?

    30 cc is the equivalent of 1 fluid once. Start with this amount in the housing before you place the strut cartridge in. Use the cartridge as a dipstick. The body of it should have oil ¾ of the way up the sides when fully inserted. You may need to add more oil, in small amounts, until you reach this level.

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