Heavy-Duty Difference

Gabriel Heavy-Duty - Proven

Run Longer, Run Stronger
with Gabriel® Heavy Duty Shocks

Gabriel® invented the shock absorber in 1907 and has a history of proven performance. That’s 114 years of strength, product innovation, and continuous improvement!

Gabriel® Heavy Duty Shocks have been proven on and off the pavement in real-world use by fleets across North America and around the globe. Mile after mile, job after job, today’s fleet managers, installers and operators rely on Gabriel’s proven durability to keep their fleets on the road running longer, and stronger with FleetLine® Heavy Duty Shocks!

With Gabriel’s unmatched coverage for commercial vehicles, you can we’ve got you covered!

  • Durability
  • Coverage
  • Chromed Piston Rods
  • Anti-Corrosive End Mounts
  • Hydraulic stop
  • Cab shocks
  • Extreme heavy-duty applications
  • Horizontal applications
  • Adjustability
  • High-temperature fluid
  • Gas cell

Check out these links below to Gabriel’s Heavy Duty Advantages:

End Mount Anti-Corrosion Coating

Gabriel’s exclusive anti-corrosion end mount coating inhibits rust, preventing bolt seizure to the mounting sleeve, which can significantly reduce replacement downtime.
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Best-In-Class Hydraulic Stop

The Gabriel hydraulic rebound stop design provides best-in-class strength and protection for the components in low-friction suspensions. We are the U.S. originator of this uniquely effective design. Read More »

Durable Piston Seal Design

The big demands of today’s heavy truck operators were the driving force behind our revolutionary self-compensating piston seal design. It’s uniquely resilient and more durable than many competitors’ designs – leaving you with nothing but mile after mile reliability. Read More »

Super-Rugged End Mounts

With extraordinary strength and structural durability, Gabriel® End Mounts are built to last. Featuring a substantial proven improvement over competitive designs, they give your fleet the kind of rugged reliability that isn’t measured in extra steps, but extra miles.
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Chromed Piston Rods

Gabriel’s chromed piston rods provide the rugged dependability and corrosion resistance to power heavy-duty trucks through the harshest conditions.
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