End Mount

Proven durability – time after time, and mile after mile.

The unique design and engineering of Gabriel® ends mounts5 provides your fleet with mammoth strength and durability, so they can put more miles behind them and more distance between you and the competition.

Our heavy-duty end mounts use a tough-as-nails, solid-steel eye ring with a 360° reinforced arc weld,5 rather than the more common split eye ring and two place welding designs.This substantial improvement over competitive designs creates an exceptionally strong bond between the eye ring and piston rod, which gives you an added dimension of rugged reliability – one that isn’t measured in extra steps, but extra miles.

Built to last, the enhanced design and construction provides greater tensile strength3 and superior structural integrity, so you know it won’t let you down when it matters most. It’s the kind of long-lasting reliability and performance that drives your business year in, and year out – the kind you’ll only find from the Original Gabriel.

Features & Benefits5

Gabriel Heavy-Duty - Proven

  • Design is real-world proven to give you miles and miles of confidence and unyielding performance
  • Enhanced design allows for greater tensile strength3
  • 360° reinforced arc weld creates an exceptional bond between the eye ring and piston rod
  • Solid-steel eye ring provides long-lasting durability
  • Superior structural integrity reduces end mount failures
  • Built tough to withstand multi-directional flexing of today’s suspensions

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