Load Carrier™ Shocks: Best Towing Shocks

Load Carrier

Best Rated Shocks for Towing!*

“Gabriel has created the epitome of what a load carrier shock should be capable of.”
“The ability of these shocks are nothing short of incredible”
“A lot of these shocks’ true power lies in its towing ability. The load capacity displayed by these shocks are due to its construction of quality parts.”

Front & Rear Spring Assist Shocks Built for Towing & Hauling

The Front & Rear Spring Assist Load Carrier™ by Gabriel® is the perfect combination of shock and spring technology to help reduce the loss of ride height in ongoing loaded conditions. The constant-rate front coil springs can help improve stability and restore or maintain ride height, while the variable-rate rear coil springs provide 500 lbs. per pair of load capacity. Front & Rear Spring Assist (Load Carriers™) do not increase vehicle payload. Do not exceed vehicle GVWR.

Features & Benefits

  • A chromed piston rod to inhibit corrosion, ensure proper seal lubrication, and provide a more consistent wear surface
  • A leak-proof piston seal which helps extend product life
  • D.O.M. (Drawn-Over-Mandrel) Tubing reduces internal wear for longer product life

*By outsidelimits.com, an avid outdoors & sports activity website. Review published February 8, 2021. Source: https://www.outsidepursuits.com/best-shocks-struts-reviews/

Load Carrier™ Shocks
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