61510 ProGuard
Detailed Specifications

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61510 ProGuard


Product Line:ProGuard
Shock Extended Length: 22.29 in. 566.17 mm.
Shock Collapsed Length: 13.76 in. 349.5 mm.
Length of Stroke: 8.53 in 216.66 mm.
Accessory Kits:140149
Upper Mount Code:EB2
Lower Mount Code:EB2
Weight 5.39 lbs. 2.45 kg.
Dust Tube Material Steel
Package Contents 1 Shock 4 Bushings

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Product Description

Shocks engineered for exceptional comfort and control and fine-tuned to meet the tougher demands of today’s light trucks, vans and SUVs. View more information about this product.

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Where Used

Loc. Max # Year Make Model Vehicle Attributes Application Notes
R 2 84-89 Toyota 4Runner
R 2 84-95 Toyota Pickup 4WD Exc. Lift Kit
R 2 04 Toyota Tacoma Base, 4WD
R 2 95-03 Toyota Tacoma DLX, 4WD
R 2 98-00 Toyota Tacoma Limited
R 2 01-04 Toyota Tacoma S-Runner
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